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  • Stumbling blocks prevent casters from advancing to the next level. These easy drills will help you overcome the most common casting problems.

  • Fly fishing illustration demonstrating the Misdirection Cast

    Some casts that are truly unique; usually developed for a specific purpose. These three casts that I present here are stand-alone and I suspect you’ve never seen before.

  • Fly fishing illustration demonstrating the parachute cast

    A drag-free drift allows your fly to approach the fish as naturally as possible. In this article I will cover the four most useful slackline casts for a drag-free drift.

  • fly fishing illustration demonstrating casting controlled open loops

    Casting controlled open loops can really improve your presentation. Learn about the 7 situations that call for opening up.

  • Illustration of a fly fisherman Casting in Windy Conditions

    Wind, in many great fishing destinations, is always a factor. While it can make fly casting challenging, the wind also has its advantages. Learns these 14 tips for casting in windy conditions.

  • Illustration demonstrating the index finger on top grip on a fly rod

    The index finger on top grip is a cornerstone of my casting style. Learn the four major reasons for choosing this grip.

  • Illustration of a fly fisherman casting at lawn target

    Casting accuracy skills are probably the least practiced, but most valuable of all casts. The most common request I get from students is “I want to work on my distance”. Ironically, the best way to increase distance is to start with accuracy. Here are a few tips. 

  • Illustration of a fly fisherman demonstrating a kayak fishing technique called strip setting

    Fly fishing is in many ways the toughest way to fish and can also be the most rewarding. When you take to the kayak, you are upping the ante considerably. Practice these 9 Essential skills for Kayak Fly Fishing and you’ll be up and running in very short order.

  • fly fishing illustration depicting the overhead pick-up

    Learn the best pick-up technique add considerable length to your cast with no extra effort. The “Pick-up” may be the most important element of the entire cast. 

  • fly fishing illustration depicting the tease method to unsnag a fly

    From rocky streams to wooded lakes, to saltwater backcountry, you have to be bold to get the fly in the right spots. Snags of all descriptions are inevitable; here are some of the most common snag situations and tips that will save you time, flies, and frustration.